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Monthly Archive: June 2016

Tips for negotiation with a insurance claim adjuster

couplelawyer600Do you have an insurance policy with you? You need to negotiate with the insurance company after submitting the insurance claim with the insurance company for personal injury case. You must submit the demand letter along with the required supporting documents and you can also negotiate with the company through phone calls. In Chicago to succeed in the negotiation and further processes to claim your insurance you must follow the suggestions given below.

In the first phone call with the insurance adjuster both the adjuster and you discuss on the strength and weakness of your insurance claim. The adjuster offers you an insurance claim for the amount that is lower than your actual demand. You must negotiate for higher amount than what the adjuster has offered you but lower than the amount you specified in the demand letter. You can agree to the adjuster offer after three to four phone calls and the offer amount somewhere is nearer to the amount you mentioned in the demand letter.

You should not be shocked when you receive a ‘reservation of rights’ letter from the insurance company. This letter tells you that the insurance company is investigating in the accident case whether it comes under the claim or not.

Before claiming with an insurance company and speaking to the adjuster you should know how much money is worth for the accident. During the negotiation stage with the adjuster if the adjuster explains your weaker parts in the claim then you should lower your demand amount.

If the claim adjuster offers you lesser amount than your demand, you must revise your demand to something higher than the adjuster’s offer. You should not accept to the initial offer of the adjuster. Usually the initial offer will be always lower than your demand. You should know the bargaining tricks so that the final offer of the adjuster is a fair amount to both of you.