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Monthly Archive: August 2016

Procedure For Buying A Home In Costa Rica

DSC02976-600x300In Costa Rica, you can find beautiful properties. The biggest reason of the attractive properties of the Costa Rica real estate is benefits in property law offered by this Central American nation. To buy property you don’t want to be a legal resident of this country or live in Costa Rica. Using your tourist visa, you can buy a property in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Realty firms are large in number and you must be very careful when picking a real estate agent.

The big advantage of owning a property in Costa Rica is very low property tax or only 0.25% of the registered property value. You must aware that the estimated value of the home calculated by the local municipality is lesser than the sale price of the home. For higher value properties there is a luxury home tax available. But the luxury home tax for a high-end value home is only the minimum amount.

The property titles for all types of property are registered with the Registro Publico. The general practice in this country is ‘first in time, first in rights’ policy. If you want to buy a property in Costa Rica, you want to hire a real estate broker or attorney and research the property title carefully. Title insurance is also available in Costa Rica and you must buy this when you purchase a property in this country.

Puntarenas is one among the most developed coastal areas in this country. It is the province surrounded by the central and south Pacific Coasts. There are some astounding restaurants, famous surfing beaches, average price hotels, and several types of real estate from high-priced to bargained price available.

When purchasing a property in Costa Rica, you don’t delay in making an offer when you find a suitable property to buy. You remember that you don’t buy a property that you are never visited. It is not only enough of thorough research of the property, discussing with the knowledgeable friends, viewing the pictures in online, and finding more information about the home in online and don’t buy a property from an individual or developer without actually visiting the property. You must also make sure that the property is free from liens or other problems and the seller is the title owner and complete your due diligence.

You must never believe the words of the developer or real estate agent and believe what you actually see. For example, if the developer promises you on future roads, clubhouses, schools, and golf courses. Many times it goes wrong even when choosing the best developments. To safeguard yourself, you never pay the prices including the features you may or may not get in future.

You don’t forget to ask for price reduction like you buy property anywhere. Reduction in price is very much important when some parts of the house need repair or there may be any repair arise in the future. You can find the contact number including the mobile number of the homeowners in online and you can clarify all your doubts before making a purchase.