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eSport Source – One Stop Solution to know about Gaming Gadgets

EsportMillennials are abandoning traditional sources of entertainment and switching to alternate ways of such as video gaming which is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries. As the number of gaming enthusiasts is increasing multinationals are pumping in millions of dollars in developing newer technologies and devices to lure them further. With the market flooded with thousands of devices poor gamers are left on their own to decide which one to buy, with their limited knowledge they grope around in the dark trying to find out the right device to spend their hard earned money on. To help such wretched souls websites such as pcgamer, bestbuy, t3 and eSport Source publish informative articles providing a comparative analysis of different types of gaming devices. Here we review eSport Source.

Currently the website has compiled and published information on different types of gaming monitors, motherboards and gaming hardware. However it plans to grow much beyond this, it envisions itself as the ultimate source of all information a gamer would ever need. It wishes to cover not only technologies and specifications but best deals, promotions and latest news and information about the industry.

How will it help?
Put yourself in the shoes of a gamer who is having a hard time deciding which gaming monitor to buy. If you are not a pro you won’t even know which features you are supposed to evaluate. To spend your limited budget wisely you will have to break your head and surf through several websites to make the right decision. One look at it will save you many hours of hard work and frustrations. The website has a comprehensive article on how to choose the right gaming monitor, it talks about panel technology and suggests the best panel technology for gaming, it even talks about response time, sync features, appropriate size and resolution. Simply reading through this article will put you in a better position to take a well informed decisions. If you want a comparative analysis between the popular models and brands available in the market then too you will not have to look any further because it already has such an analysis published in a neat tabular form. For a gaming enthusiast having such information so readily available is a boon he would like to hold on to. This is why website’s facebook following is increasing day by day.

It is providing relevant information in easily digestible format for new as well as pro level gamers to help them take well informed decisions regarding which gaming device to buy. The website will expand to include information about latest deals and promotions to help save money. Such a website would be a welcoming respite for gamers who are caught up between companies fighting to get their attention. It is a great initiative and its services are required to support the growth of the entire gaming industry. So next time you want to buy a gaming device you know where to start you research with, www.pcmag.com

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